Clinical Trials

Considering a clinical trial?

We are currently enrolling patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), patients who have coronary artery disease with and without heart attacks, Carotid Artery Disease with or without a stroke, high cholesterol, known or suspected arrhythmia, and renal insufficiency.  To be included in any trial, patients must meet strict inclusion and exclusion criteria specific to each trial.  If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please Contact Us or call 865.218.7535 and be directed to the appropriate research coordinator.

Need more information?

This is an important decision.  We hope that you will seek further information regarding your decision to participate and to feel free to discuss your participation with your health care provider, family and friends.  We are eager to answer your questions and would also like to provide you with information about participation in a clinical research study:

Our principle investigator, Dr. Malcolm Foster or any of our research coordinators are also available to answer your questions.

Malcolm Foster, MD:  865-470-2273
Research Office:  865-218-7535

Already enrolled in a clinical trial?

If you are already enrolled in a clinical trial, there are some important things for you to remember:
If you are admitted to a hospital, please call your research coordinator and let them know.
If you move or change your contact information, please let your research coordinator know.
Keep a wallet card with your research coordinator’s information, and your drug or device information with you at all times.

Helpful Links:

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Office of Human Research Protection
Center for Information and study on clinical research participation

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